Not Your Typical Workshop

Too many leadership development workshops and trainings rely upon regurgitations of old-school leadership theories and exercises disconnected from the day-to-day reality of leading a team. There are no pop-psychology clichés or blindfolded tinker-toy exercises during the Lead with Trust Masterclass.

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Put Your Teams on the Path to Extraordinary

Leading with Trust

For team leaders, dysfunctional behaviors on a team like bias, bullying, or lack of psychological safety hurt performance, diminish engagement, and increase risk. Whether delivered virtually or onsite, The TRM Workshop™ is a hands-on experience that gives your team leaders the tools to build trust, develop strong team relationships, and actions to improve team performance and engagement.

Based on more than 30 years experience leading teams, Dr. Hurley melds behavioral science insights with the behaviors of extraordinary team leaders. In three modules, he outlines ideas and actions that come from first-hand experience of what does and doesn’t work on the front lines and the critical importance of measuring what really matters – the strength of people’s relationships on and across teams.

Over the course of two modules, the TRM Workshop gives you the coaching and tools to craft an extraordinary team. By the end of the course you will:

  • You will learn how to lay a foundation of trust with your team and encourage people to do their best and be their best.
  • You’ll learn how to develop and sustain strong, trusting relationships on and across teams.
  • And, you’ll understand the three actions you can take immediately to improve team performance and engagement.

From Ideas to Action

The Lead with Trust Masterclass Agenda


The Lead with Trust Masterclass:

Up to 30 people *

The Lead with Trust Masterclass consists of three virtual modules, 
scheduled across 3 separate days. 
We recommend that all three modules are completed within a 4-week period.

* Number of attendees is limited to optimize interaction and participation.