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We’ve blended behavioral science and software into a state-of-the-art tool that helps your leaders create lasting change.

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Developed by Xmetryx Co-Founder Elena Newton, TrustMetryx blends behavioral science and software to help teams quickly build trust, break down silos, be more productive, and have a great day working with great people.

The TrustMetryx SaaS platform builds trust and relationship strength between teams and among teammates by…

Identifying behaviors

Focusing on key opportunities, TrustMetryx identifies the behaviors on and between teams that create silos, decrease productivity, and diminish well-being.

Working together

Those insights help leaders and their teams work together to create nudges that close trust gaps, build empathy, and strengthen team relationships.

Tracking progress

TrustMetryx KPIs (RSS, Engagement, and Nudges) demonstrate progress as you track trust, relationship strength, and team cohesion over time.

Continuous learning

Provides continuous learning with Brainware Academy,™ helping managers learn to lead change.

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