Inspire your team, organization or community with keynote or learning and development presentations that focus them on the importance of strong, trusting relationships and the “HOW” of crafting extraordinary teams.

Building strong, trusting relationships on and across teams is the key to team performance and individual engagement. It is also the key to preventing toxic behaviors before they become silent killers of people’s energy, engagement, and the human spirit.
The question for leaders whose days already feel like they’re changing tires on a moving car, is “HOW?”
Based on his new book Team Relationship Management: The Art of Crafting Extraordinary Teams, Dr. Jeb Hurley melds behavioral science with insights into the behaviors of extraordinary team leaders. In this session, he outlines ideas and actions that come from first-hand experience of what does and doesn’t work on the front lines and the critical importance of measuring what really matters – the strength of people’s relationships on and across teams.

This 60-90 minute session:

  • Introduces you to the three core principles of Team Relationship Management.
  • Demonstrates a breakthrough in applied behavioral science that gives team leaders tools to improve team performance and increase people’s engagement.
  • Gives you three actions you can take immediately to quickly improve team performance and engagement.
“Want Extraordinary? Get Relationships.” is an ideal keynote for leadership and people development focused conferences or ‘lunch-and-learn’ sessions. It can be presented in-person or via webinar.

Beyond Buzzwords and Pop-Psychology

A 45- to 60-minute talk designed to:

  • Provide the audience with insights into one of the most widely tested and cross-culturally validated approaches to work motivation.
  • Describe the basics of motivation and how people experience it day-to-day at home and work.
  • Discuss the dynamics of distance and culture – and how to motivate people across both.
  • Leave attendees with a simple, powerful approach to inspiring individual motivation that will enhance personal development and team performance and well-being.

Inspiring Motivation @ Work

Would you hire an attorney or a surgeon without doing at least some homework on the person’s background and qualifications? Most people respond with a resounding “NO!”. Yet, when it comes to taking advice on how to motivate, energize, and engage people within an organization few leaders are equally diligent. Most of the ‘expert’ opinions either come from academics with little to no field experience leading teams, or ex-corporate managers and consultants who lack an in-depth understanding of behavioral science.

Inspiring Motivation @ Work: Beyond Buzz-Words and Pop-Psychology combines what behavioral science knows with decades of experience leading and developing teams in the field. Dr. Hurley’s talk reflects an understanding of the ‘changing tires on a moving car’ of a modern team leader’s day-to-day reality, and provides a straightforward, behavioral science-based answer to the question, “How do I motivate each person on my team?”

Inspiring Motivation @ Work: Beyond Buzzwords and Pop-Psychology is designed for team leaders and their teams. The approach and practices outlined are extremely effective whether your team is local or global, virtual, and cross-cultural.

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