My Expertise

I apply my deep understanding of people, leadership, culture, and technology to turn your vision into reality.

By operationalizing trust – making it measurable and actionable on and across teams – I transform your organization into a team of teams that excels at breaking down silos, accelerating productivity, and delivering superior business results.

An accomplished executive, entrepreneur, and behavioral scientist, Dr. Hurley’s expertise includes:

Assessing Team Trust & Cohesion

Diagnosing the behavior issues that get in the way of team cohesiveness, productivity, and well-being.

Competency Development

Building trust-centered team leadership competencies crucial to successful change and transformation.

Scaling Behavior Change

Applying behavioral science and software technology to scale behavior change and make it stick.

Companies from around the world have entrusted Jeb with creating high-trust, cohesive teams that drive change and deliver exceptional results. Successful outcomes include:

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Dr. Hurley is also a Columnist and Featured Contributor for BIZCATALYST 360° and its partners, as well as in the following magazines:

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