My Approach

I use my Fast Trust technique to help leaders rapidly learn behaviors, develop habits, and master tools that create a high-trust, cohesive team of teams.

The Fast Trust™ technique is based on Dr. Hurley’s nearly 30 years of hands-on experience leading change in global roles at F100 companies, co-founding multiple startups, and breakthrough research with elite teams.

Fast Trust™ leverages his expertise into an easily learnable, repeatable, and scalable three-step process of assessment, habit development, and scaling behavior change.


Assess team cohesion, trust, and relationship strength.

Diagnose issues getting in the way of team cohesion.

Recommend behavior changes to address the issues.

Developing Behavioral Science-Based Leadership Habits

Aligning vision, purpose, and values.

Inspiring motivation.

Coaching team behaviors with nudges.

Blending Behavioral Science and Software

TrustMetryx software quickly builds trust, scales behavior change, and makes it stick.

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