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dr jeb hurley

Dr. Jeb Hurley
Trust & Team Dynamics

The leading expert on trust and team dynamics, Jeb’s nearly 30-years of experience leading change in global roles at F100 companies and tech startups have given him a broad understanding of the people, leadership, and cultural dynamics that enable successful change and growth.

Jeb’s work as a behavioral scientist is at the forefront of advancing trust in organizations. His hallmark is turning vision into reality by developing a high-trust cohesive team of teams across an organization. A two-time author, he has an unrelenting curiosity about human behavior and leadership, and is passionate about finding innovative solutions to the challenges leaders face when driving change.

Jeb holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with a research focus on human motivation, engagement, and team effectiveness; an MBA with a specialization in organizational behavior; and a BSBA in economics. His executive education includes programs at the Center for Creative Leadership, Harvard Business School, and The Aspen Institute.

High stakeholder engagement and collaboration are hallmarks of Jeb’s work, along with a relentless focus on execution and meeting measurable objectives.

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Elena Newton
Blending Science and Technology

In 2014, Elena began working on a new approach to understanding customer experiences by measuring and tracking how people feel about an experience with a product or service versus their expectations of those experiences. She validated the theory through existing research, prototyped the concept, and began alpha testing. The substantial evidence of the effectiveness of the approach also brought a change in focus towards impacting lives at work by helping people build healthy, trusting relationships on and across teams. In 2020, Elena co-founded Xmetryx, Inc. with a mission to make the world better for everyone at work.

Elena began her career as employee number 16 at Onyx, a software start-up, with responsibilities ranging from technical writing to operations. As the company grew, she held various leadership roles focusing on both customer and technical areas of the business. Ultimately, Elena led the establishment of the Global Services organization, with responsibility for the experience of the company’s +10,000 customers. In addition, she led the design and development of the company’s first cloud-based product. After the sale of Onyx to Canon in 2010, Elena went on to co-found Inspiration Engine, and a people analytics software start-up focused on creating better customer experiences.

As Xmetryx Co-founder, Elena is responsible for product design, technology, and security, leading the development team, customer success, and a hodgepodge of other things (like janitorial duties, social media technology strategy, office administration, finance, and operations). She brings a blend of product design and software development talent, along with an unrelenting focus on execution excellence, to create an exceptional experience for Xmetryx customers.

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