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Trust leads to high-performance because it enables people to work safely, authentically, and be fully engaged. And it’s the antidote to toxic people and cultures. Learning to Lead with Trust connects your organization’s purpose, team-by-team, with the common good of employees, customers, and stakeholders.

My Lead with Trust™ Program, in combination with TrustMetryx nudge software, connects the dots between trust and performance, measures its impact, and helps leaders become more effective.

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Dr. Hurley Talks with Mark LeBusque of the Simply Practically Human Podcast

“Two-time author and all-round great human Jeb Hurley joined me on the Simply, Practically Human Podcast to share how to make remote working teams become extraordinary. His simple and practical tools and tips will help you in these current challenging times.” —Mark LeBusque

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Jason Cavness, CEO of CavnessHR

An Interview with Dr. Jeb Hurley

On this episode of the cavnessHR podcast, Jason talks with Dr. Jeb Hurley about:

  • His company Xmetryx
  • His book: Team Relationship Management: The Art of Crafting Extraordinary Teams
  • Can a team overcome a bad boss?
  • Is it easier for a bad team to become a great team or for a great team to become a bad team?

Dr. Hurley Talks with Sona Schmidt-Harris in the Nov 2019 Issue of the “Sugar House City Journal”

In his interview with Sona Schmidt-Harris, Dr. Hurley discusses the importance of teams, the damage caused by dysfunction at work, and a breakthrough in applied behavioral science that has the potential to change millions of people’s work lives for the better.

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Sugar House City Journal, Sona Schmidt-Harris © Nov 2019

Trust-Centered Leadership


Whether virtual or onsite, The Lead with Trust™ Masterclass is a hands-on experience that gives your team leaders the tools to build trust, develop strong team relationships, and actions to improve team performance and engagement.

Webinars & AMAs

Inspire your team, organization, or community with keynote or learning-and-development presentations that focus on the importance of strong, trusting relationships and the “HOW” of trust-centered leadership.

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Dr. Hurley regularly writes about team leadership and employee wellbeing, with over 60 articles on the Brainware blog. He is also a Columnist and Featured Contributor for BIZCATALYST 360°.

The Ultimate Leadership Hack

Trust centered leadership is the ultimate leadership hack – dramatically reducing business and execution risk and significantly improving team effectiveness and performance. Team leaders who master the art of Leading with Trust:

  • Ignite a steadfast determination in their team to excel.
  • Embrace the idea that success depends less on skills or brilliance and more on humility and ability to inspire the best in people.
  • Lay a foundation of enduring trust, encourage behaviors that inspire, and coach to keep relationships strong.

Dr. Jeb S. Hurley

dr jeb hurleyWith deep expertise in team science and team leader development — and an ability to inspire the best in those around him — Dr. Hurley has a passion for helping leaders craft extraordinary teams.

Jeb’s career journey began on new product innovation teams in Europe and Asia, followed by GM / VP and CEO roles at companies ranging from Fortune 500 to VC backed startups. Along the way, he found his inner-entrepreneur, co-founding three software start-ups. During his journey, Jeb experienced the uplifting power of being part of extraordinary teams, and too often the pain and suffering that comes with toxic bosses and dysfunctional relationships where trust is low, and people are disengaged.

Those painful experiences became Jeb’s source of energy and purpose. He did a deep dive into team science, connecting what behavioral science knows to what team leaders do while earning his doctorate in leadership. In parallel, Jeb spent nearly five-years walking in the shoes of today’s team leaders. Those experiences and the voices of team leaders and team members from around the world led to his co-founding Xmetryx and developing the TRM Workshop.

Jeb, co-founder and CEO of Xmetryx, recently published his second book: Team Relationship Management: The Art of Crafting Extraordinary Teams. He regularly speaks and writes about team leadership and improving employee wellbeing, and has published over 50 articles on team leadership on his blog The ONE Habit. He is a Columnist and Featured Contributor for BIZCATALYST 360°.

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